Saturday, 16 October 2010

Real to Surreal - Drawing project :)

We've been set a drawing project in which we choose a 'rule' each week. Using that rule, we have to spend the week drawing according to what the rule states. My rule this week is Real to Surreal. Whereby I take an object, and give it a twist. This is what happened...
 The first image is my Pingu toothbrush holder, which I turned into a Godzilla style Pingu with a giant toothbrush lady as he tramples through a city, as masses of people flee. The image below Pingu, is my Fire-breathing Sainsbury's Dragon Handwash.
 Some of these aren't finished yet, but here we have my Saucepan Turtle, The Vitamin Monster and Snake o' Socks. These are just doodles at the moment, they need some TLC really.
 I changed my liquid eyeliner into a witches hat, and my mouse became some crazy mutant frog-octopus thing. Below that is my green J├Ągermeister deer. 
I turned my asthma inhaler into a dinosaur; Asthmasaurus (salamol-easi-breathe-reliever-ius)

In other news, I've begun animating with Maya. Only practicing making a ball bounce without squash and stretch for the moment. It's hard to use, but once you get the hang of it, it's lovely. I'll put the videos up soon, (once I know how to render and export the files...)


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