Sunday, 31 October 2010


My lastest sketchbook project; Drawing to Music!

 This song was 'Under the Rose' by HIM. It's one of my favourite songs ever. I'm going to carry on working into this piece and really bring it to life. I used mostly acrylic paint on this, however I enhanced it with permanent marker, black biro, and H & B pencils.

I based this one on 'The Last Amazing Grays' By Sonata Arctica. The wolf in the centre was painted with acrylic paint, then had higlights done in grey felt-tip pen, permanent marker, pencil crayon and various H and B pencils.

Pink Floyd's 'Comfortably Numb' Another of my favoruite songs. I took a lot of imagry from the lyrics, such as the idea of having balloons for hands. I'm still not finished on this piece, I need to carry on adding to it and drawing back into it.

Regina Spektor's 'Samson' I used a lot of biro in this, especially for the small drawings of the scissors, hair and books. My favourite part about this piece is the stars. I really like how they turned out. At first they looked far too bright and didn't match the mood of the song. I washed over them with watered down white acrylic then after outlined them in a scruffy way and added some highlights in pencil crayon. I also like the silhoutettes I drew of Samson having his hair cut off just off centre of the page by the ends of the long hair. I find in the official video the use of silhouettes is quite apparent and reflected upon in my work. I did this in biro as well, so a bronze hue became apparent on the photo.

The music video for this song is beautiful, and the animation is so simple yet brilliant to look at. It's based on oragami but the way it's filmed really gives a lovely sense of movement.

I was listening to 'Another Stranger Me' by Blind Guardian for this piece. The idea behind it is two conflicting opposites. This is by far my weakest piece, I really don't like it. I find I've made it far too busy within the centre of the page, especially with the patterns. I like the two characters, but i'm going to do a lot of work to it.

The last piece is one of my favourites. Based on the song 'Gobanno' by Eluveitie. The whole song reminds me of Winter turning into Spring. I've still got to add a few more little drawings to this, then it should look much more completed. Eluveitie sing mostly in Gaulish and the lyrics to this song are from a traditional Gaulish song.  From listening to it, I had the idea of an Ancient Tribe sitting within the forest amist a campfire telling each other stories of battles and Folk lore.

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