Saturday, 20 November 2010

The Bradford Animation Festival!

So I went to the Bradford Animation Festival this year, I totally loved every minute of it.
I've been left in awe by the makers of Fable 3 and how they created their characters, the creators of Brink who've bought some incredible characters to life. I also saw how Sony made 3D which was just amazing.
I left feeling very inspired after seeing all the wonderful pieces of animation from across the world. Meeting Paul Mendoza from Pixar was incredible. Seeing how both Pixar create their characters, stories, then seeing them animate it all together. I saw how Warner Brother's created the visual effects in Inception which was mind-blowing. Chico and Rita was a wonderful, heart warming film as was The Illusionist, which contained some beautiful almost watercolour like backgrounds. The Secret of Kells has become one of my favourite children's films with it's simplistic characters, but fantastic flowing smooth animation, beautiful celtic patterns, and Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted was by far the funniest thing I've seen all year.

I also played too much Golden Eye on the Nintendo 64 with Perry, Phoebe and Jack. 

I booked to go to a scriptwriting workshop too with Alan Gilbey which was amusing. I learnt a lot from him, especially techniques when pitching an idea to a production company. He also taught us ways to engage your mind with an idea, how to bring it to life, and develop it into a fantastic story.
I also went to a character design workshop with Curtis Jobling who created Bob The Builder, Frankenstein's Cat, Biteneck Beatniks and Dinosaurs After Dark. He was incredible to talk to, especially about his work and how he creates and designs his characters. He got us to create some drawings based on shapes and charicatures, these are mine:

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