Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Edible Post.

My dear friend Rachel who is studying Graphic Design at Chelsea College of Art is currently doing a project in which she sends her friends items of food, then the reciever returns an item of food. I had a sandwich through the post a few days ago. The sandwich she sent me was cheese, cheesy wotsists and chocolate mints, the idea being that you be creative and original with the sandwich instead of a 'normal' sandwich. This is what it turned out like:


So now it was my turn to return the project. Here's what I made:

 I decided on a Flora, Doritos hot salsa and chocolate spread sandwich...

 Flora and now for the chocolate spread...

 The hot salsa dip...
 A light sprinkling of cheese for good measure.
 TAA DAA! :)

There we go! A cheese, hot salsa and chocolate spread sandwich! :)
Now I'm off to Penryn post office to send it back to London... 

1 comment:

  1. AMAZING THANK YOU, its tasty goodness... my one i sent you was going a little white and mouldyyy!

    EXCELLANT, good work norms :)
    I love youu!