Tuesday, 15 February 2011

General bits and bobs!

It's been faaaar too long since I posted anything. Here's a basic roundup of everything I've been doing (work to follow soon! I promise!)

We've started Flash animation within my course, really enjoying that. It's taking a bit of practice just remembering the different shortcuts.

There's a printscreen of what i've been doing. Creating characters, making various different parts of them, converting to symbols and animating :)

I've also been working on part of Leah's third year project, rotoscoping a metal video :)

Here's a few of the frames i've done so far:

I've also been working on After Effects a lot. that program is quite fun to use, we've been making a flower morph, practicing using different backgrounds and generally having a go with the software too.
Within Maya we've begin modelling, I'm enjoying that but it requires a lot of patience and time. I'm going to begin modelling part of my bedroom for a project soon, so I'll begin posting up my progress as I go along.

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