Monday, 21 March 2011

End of term - Everything.

Experimental Animation!
I didn't really blog that much about my experimental animation, I kept most of it to my sketchbook and never really blogged about it. I changed my idea into the idea of plants and growth. I used the concept of a flower blooming into a giant plant, then the process continuing by a petal falling out of the plant into a tea cup then growing out of that.This version is the longer version which I created. I cut it down to the plant growing out of the tea cup and stopping there.

Maya Modelling

The final images are like this:

I got the lighting a bit wrong and made it look quite flushed out. I also found UV unwrapping a circle for the sticker quite difficult, so I left those out. I had a critique with Georg and he gave me a few pointers and tips on how I could improve it and using Planar Mapping for the circle image. 


I already uploaded my Flash animation. I'm pretty pleased with how that's turned out. I've enjoyed making that, and found it to be a challenge considering I haven't really used Flash before, only briefly during my Art Foundation year.

Drawing Project - Gulliver and Lilliput

I really enjoyed this project too, however I found that I did a lot of smaller drawings throughout my sketchbook. I focused more on smaller people as well rather than giants. I found smaller people just more interesting to draw as there's a lot of nooks and crannys and bizarre little places you could put them. However I did enjoy drawing a giant child using a wind turbine as a windmill.

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