Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Flash, Unforseen Consequences.

This blog post is a little late, sorry!
Okay, I re-recorded my Flash sound the other day (sorry Georg!) however I interviewed the proprietor at Swanpool beach rather than Gylly. I decided to change my background so it fits with the location. This is a photo I took at Swanpool a few weeks ago
I decided not to digitally paint the backgrounds like I practiced earlier. Instead I decided to stick with watercolours like I have used before. This is the background i'm using now:
I emphasised much brighter colours than what was on the photo and calmed the sea down, the photo makes Falmouth look miserable.
 The mermaid is going well. Today is animation day. I've got to convert most of her mouths, fin and arm into symbols then i'm ready to animate. The mermaid has had some changes, I'll only be animating the one arm, I gave her an arm with a Cornwall mug filled with tea. I'll animate this moving around, possibly tea spilling here and there.

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