Monday, 7 March 2011

Inspiration, Gulliver & Lilliput sketchbook project

I stumbled upon an artist named Tessa Farmer recently. Her work is mostly 3D models, however I thought it tied in nicely to the recent Gulliver/Lilliput project we've been assigned. This project is mainly focusing on perspective, creating characters in a Borrower's-esque world where sewing needles could be used as swords, and everything is much larger than life. The other aspect is the giant size, creating a character abnormally larger than the average human and placing them in a scenario.

Tessa's work consists of using dead insects and taxidermied animals, with a twist. She adds in these small skeletal fairy-like creatures who are posed to either be attacking the animals, or using them, for example riding on a wasp for transport. I found her world very obscure, but indeed it was incredible to see these delicate objects created and placed into what could be a very normal scenario.
I viewed her work online, via her website;

I'll be posting up the drawings i've been doing asap. Along with photos from the various trips we've been on recently to the Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro and The Maritime Museum, Falmouth. Soon we're heading up to Newquay for a visit to Newquay Zoo.

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