Monday, 14 March 2011

Maya, Progress

Texturing has begun. I'm starting with the objects which have flat colour, such as my computer case, monitor screen, and webcam. The light and sockets are quite a bright white as well, so I'm trying to stick to that at the moment. Hopefully i'll be adding the wood texture to the desk later, the Pizza Hut stickers, the Dell logo the IBM logo to the mouse. Also as you can see the desk has been made too with it's curve. I also need to make the keyboard however I don't think this will take me long.

Other updates:

Flash is almost finished now, just trying to export it, unfortunately i've been having some trouble with the sound file. I've spoken to my tutor Andy about this and hopefully I'll get this sorted today.

My experimental animation is almost finished too. Today i'll hopefully be finishing it and editing it with sound in After Effects later on if all goes to plan. Otherwise it'll be done by Wednesday at the latest.

Sketchbook is also going well. I will try uploading my progress so far on to my blog soon as I haven't been keeping track with that project.  I'll also upload the photos from the Newquay Zoo trip and Maritime Museum.

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