Tuesday, 12 April 2011


After making my new sketchbook, I've been taking it out pretty much everywhere I go. I've been drawing a lot of people in Birmingham City Centre, walking about, waiting at Snow Hill train station, in and around the Bullring, shopping (not that they like it, i've had some pretty nasty looks from people!) Mainly for the shape and poses people make. Then I've just been doing some general doodles here and there for practice :) I've also been drawing items around the house, I'm doing this within different rooms, so far I've done our bathroom.

In the Bathroom. 3/4/2011

Hand 3/4/2011

Outside my house 4/4/2011 - 22.50pm

On the train to Birmingham 5/4/2011

On the train to Birmingham again and around Birmingham City Centre 6/4/2011

Rachel Dare 8/4/2011

Leasowes Park, Halesowen 9/4/2011

Grandma & Pa's 10/4/2011

Other drawings...

Hunter from the game Left 4 Dead 5/4/2011

Peter Pan 7/4/2011 (Inspired by Bri-Chan's work on DeviantART)

The right hand had messed up, I'm still going to sort that out soon, hopefully :)

The Scout from the game Team Fortress 2 8/4/2011

I also had a dream I was a zombie, so I decided to document this by drawing it.

I had a dream I was a zombie 10/4/2011

Illustration in the top left is a portrait of myself by Harley Ross.

I saw the Finnish thrash metal band Children of Bodom live at the 02 Academy in Birmingham on the 8th April 2011. Totally inspired by this gig I decided to draw their main guitarist and singer, Alexi Laiho. I used reference from the photo on Wikipedia;


Alexi Laiho, Children of Bodom 10/4/2011

I also took one of my old plasticine models and turned it into a drawn character

 Ivar Ulf, the Viking 12/4/2011, (Plasticine model made in 2008)

These aren't finished yet, still a work in progress :) I'm going to add more emotion drawings and a few more stance poses.

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