Thursday, 25 August 2011

My Little Pony, Drawings and Lauren Faust.

Over the holidays I've been keeping some sketchbooks. I've picked out my favourite drawings as a lot were scribbly messes. Most of them are doodles I've done which I like. I also bought some ProMarkers, so I've been experimenting with them too.

 This is a character I named Martina. The brown haired boy who I've set to be her boyfriend originated from the show; Gregg with 3 G's. Based on the character design of the Nickelodeon show As Told By Ginger. I'd been a big fan of this show since it's release in 2000 and continues to make me smile.

A lot more scribbles and doodles. I'd been watching a few episodes of As Told By Ginger, my favourite character is Dodie. Ginger's shy, dorky friend who I began drawing on the side. I also drew Gregg with 3 G's again. Nigel Thornberry also makes an appaearance too. I began playing with the ProMarkers on here, mixing tones for skin and using the blend pen too. I completly ruined Pocahontas's face though, I was testing whilst the ink was dry, only to realise it leaves a nasty smudgy outline.

Crazy lion thing.

I've begun drawing people out and about, carrying my sketchbook where I go to practice. 

I also started some tutorials on drawing hands...

They aren't great but I'm going to continue practicing.

I also started a visual diary. I didn't keep this up very long, however here are a few of the pages I drew:

So yeah. 

I've also been watching a lot of cartoons on YouTube which have provided me with inspiration for character designs;
Lauren Faust, character design and animator of hit shows such as Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends has re-designed the My Little Pony franchise completly. Her designs are modern with a cutting twist making them original and appealing to all ages. They've become an internet phonomenon with viewers ranging from 4 - 40. I've become a big fan of the new My Little Pony, the characters have incredibly emotive faces along with beautiful animation. The characters have been designed uniquely with interesting (if not slightly) stereotypical personalities. Rainbow Dash being the 'tomboy' Pegasus pony of the group, whilst Fluttershy the quiet, polite animal lover. Lauren Faust has removed the sickly pastel colours of the elder My Little Ponies to create bright and vibrant characters. I'm taken by My Little Pony. It's got witty humour, compelling storylines and incredible characters.

I've also gotten back into The PowerPuff Girls, which I used to love as a child.

I love the simple character design of the PowerPuff Girls, alone with the strange creativity behind all the bad guys. Especially Mojojojo.

Gregg with 3 G's, Dodie, Ginger, Nigel Thornberry and As Told By Ginger all belong to Nickelodeon.  (c) Nickelodeon.
Simba & Pocahontas (c) Disney.
My Little Pony (c) Hasbro and Lauren Faust
The PowerPuff Girls (c) Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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