Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Pre Production Characters!

Working on the other characters for my Pre Production project. I've decided on using typical Circus animals; lions, tigers, elephants, camels, seals, dogs, horses etc. I have decided to use a Lion, Elephant and Seal.

Started off with some quick sketches, using the 1950's style. 

I began using collage to create my lion and achieve that 1950's angular feel, working with various coloured paper and marker pens.

I tried out using various different shapes and style to see which worked best. I wasn't too keen on using the gold covered paper, though it did give a nice texture.

After critique from my tutors I began as a trial using that very typical 1950's 'star' shape as the Lion's mane.
I began work on the seal, again using mostly block colour and outlines which extrude off the shape. I also decided to make the whiskers for both the Lion & the Seal triangular. I'm still unhappy with his face however and I'm going to work on this.

With the elephants I began using again very angular shapes. However receiving critique from my tutors, they suggested I go for a more curved feel as the trunk looked too sharp.

I began colouring onto brown paper to achieve quite a nice texture which I feel I will bring forward into my final!

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