Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Pre Production and Group Project

A lot of development for both projects has ensued. The animatic for the YesYes Group project has been re-edited. I am just needing to add sound to it now. However here is the priliminary animatic and the recently re done one too.

Preliminary hand in before critique:

Recently edited (minus sound) after critique:

So far the project is going quite well. Lee has begun some animation tests too. With the deadline approaching soon, we can begin to hopefully get the animatic completly smoothed out and sound added too.

The Pre-Production project I'm doing is also going well. After critique, a slight re-design of the characters went into progress to make them feel more 1950's inspired. I researched into a lot of animated 50's advertisements;

and this blog which has helped me an incredible amount for research:

Re design of Jim the Seal, Mark & Martina, Tilly and Lionel.
Turnarounds for each character too.

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