Thursday, 2 December 2010

Um.. yeah.

Again, back with the shadow project I did earlier. I also drew this of Ville Valo from HIM. The image is taken from the 'Rip out the Wings of a Butterfly' video. I feel out of all three this is my favourite. I really feel this one I captured the essence of the image and I find the shading much more interesting on this one than the others.


This is a project I did based around shapes. I decided to create a character using only shapes. This was inspired by the Curtis Jobling workshop I did at Bradford where he inspired us to use shapes to create characters. I didn't really experiement much with creating character within this piece, it was more of just a practice on using shapes to define a character.

Walkkcyccleee :)

We recently filmed ourselves walking. From there we've had to animate ourselves walking. Here is my 2D version: