Sunday, 31 October 2010


My lastest sketchbook project; Drawing to Music!

 This song was 'Under the Rose' by HIM. It's one of my favourite songs ever. I'm going to carry on working into this piece and really bring it to life. I used mostly acrylic paint on this, however I enhanced it with permanent marker, black biro, and H & B pencils.

I based this one on 'The Last Amazing Grays' By Sonata Arctica. The wolf in the centre was painted with acrylic paint, then had higlights done in grey felt-tip pen, permanent marker, pencil crayon and various H and B pencils.

Pink Floyd's 'Comfortably Numb' Another of my favoruite songs. I took a lot of imagry from the lyrics, such as the idea of having balloons for hands. I'm still not finished on this piece, I need to carry on adding to it and drawing back into it.

Regina Spektor's 'Samson' I used a lot of biro in this, especially for the small drawings of the scissors, hair and books. My favourite part about this piece is the stars. I really like how they turned out. At first they looked far too bright and didn't match the mood of the song. I washed over them with watered down white acrylic then after outlined them in a scruffy way and added some highlights in pencil crayon. I also like the silhoutettes I drew of Samson having his hair cut off just off centre of the page by the ends of the long hair. I find in the official video the use of silhouettes is quite apparent and reflected upon in my work. I did this in biro as well, so a bronze hue became apparent on the photo.

The music video for this song is beautiful, and the animation is so simple yet brilliant to look at. It's based on oragami but the way it's filmed really gives a lovely sense of movement.

I was listening to 'Another Stranger Me' by Blind Guardian for this piece. The idea behind it is two conflicting opposites. This is by far my weakest piece, I really don't like it. I find I've made it far too busy within the centre of the page, especially with the patterns. I like the two characters, but i'm going to do a lot of work to it.

The last piece is one of my favourites. Based on the song 'Gobanno' by Eluveitie. The whole song reminds me of Winter turning into Spring. I've still got to add a few more little drawings to this, then it should look much more completed. Eluveitie sing mostly in Gaulish and the lyrics to this song are from a traditional Gaulish song.  From listening to it, I had the idea of an Ancient Tribe sitting within the forest amist a campfire telling each other stories of battles and Folk lore.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Maya is a REALLY wonderful thing.

So from the start of this course, here's pretty much all my Maya videos. This one, is my Bowling ball dropping to the ground, the one after is a light ball bouncing, without squash and stretch...


This one has squash and stretch! Just a practice though :)

This is our latest project, a swinging ball. I think I may work a bit more on this, especially at the end as it finishes so abruptly. I find some of the timing doesn't look right either. Nevertheless, here is my first attempt:

So far I totally love Maya, it's such a nice program to work with. I'm going to practice with it much more, hopefully build up my knowledge of it.
Omnomnom Maya <3

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Maya is a wonderful thing.

I've been working a lot in Maya recently as well as 2D. At the moment we're just covering the basics such as; making a ball bounce, without squash and stretch, and making a ball bounce with squash and stretch. I'm currently animating a ball and chain along a piece of wire to illustrate movement and weight.
I'm going to playblast everything later and upload it onto here :)
I find Maya quite challenging, but I enjoy every second of it. It's such a nice program to use. I'm going to have a play in Mudbox as well later :)


My sound reaction animation. For this project we had to animate a person hearing a sound then animate their reaction. My man is at a metal festival when he begins to hear his favourite band begin to play :)

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

It's all around you.

My Fine Art Tutor at Foundation showed us this Björk video for 'All is Full of Love'. Ever since I saw it, it's become one of my favourite songs and animated pieces :)

I want to animate like this ;__;

Monday, 18 October 2010

Cube boy.


(Ridiculously slow, as he was filmed at about 12 frames per second D:) This was a test of using Squash and Stretch along with Anicipation. I'm going to try and speed him up, for the moment here he is:

Saturday, 16 October 2010


Mayor McCa is amazing.
I thought i'd share this utterly cute little animated song which he wrote and animated about drinking water.
I may try soon in my spare time to animate a little piece in the style of Mayor McCa.
Thanks to Dave Pinches my BTEC Foundation Art & Design tutor for showing me this! :)

Real to Surreal - Drawing project :)

We've been set a drawing project in which we choose a 'rule' each week. Using that rule, we have to spend the week drawing according to what the rule states. My rule this week is Real to Surreal. Whereby I take an object, and give it a twist. This is what happened...
 The first image is my Pingu toothbrush holder, which I turned into a Godzilla style Pingu with a giant toothbrush lady as he tramples through a city, as masses of people flee. The image below Pingu, is my Fire-breathing Sainsbury's Dragon Handwash.
 Some of these aren't finished yet, but here we have my Saucepan Turtle, The Vitamin Monster and Snake o' Socks. These are just doodles at the moment, they need some TLC really.
 I changed my liquid eyeliner into a witches hat, and my mouse became some crazy mutant frog-octopus thing. Below that is my green J√§germeister deer. 
I turned my asthma inhaler into a dinosaur; Asthmasaurus (salamol-easi-breathe-reliever-ius)

In other news, I've begun animating with Maya. Only practicing making a ball bounce without squash and stretch for the moment. It's hard to use, but once you get the hang of it, it's lovely. I'll put the videos up soon, (once I know how to render and export the files...)


Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Squash and stretch!

My first animation project!
I was practising Squash and stretch with cel animation.
My first animation is of a football bouncing and my second of a bowling ball thudding to the floor :)

Friday, 8 October 2010

First blog

I've only just begun animating, I've had previous experience of software like Flash and After Effects, however yesterday I got the chance to try traditional cell animation. As part of my course, our first assignment was to begin by using Squash and Stretch and animate a bouncing football and a falling bowling ball. Of course the bowling ball wouldn't bounce, but it was all a matter of practicing to get the animations to flow, practice squash and stretch and having a go at traditional animation.
I've also begun working with Maya. Haven't had much practice of it yet though, just exploring the various tools and operations you can perform with it. So far i'm really enjoying it and can't wait to move onto making models.
I'll post up the cell animation videos soon!