Sunday, 24 March 2013

Eye For An Appetite - Production Stills

Getting ready to animate 5 short pieces for a Marine & Natural History Student. Here's some stills i've been developing ready to animate;

Friday, 15 March 2013

Bathroom Scene

Current Work in Progress...

I took this render last night (14/03/2013) Only to discover the toothpaste making an unneeded apperance. Coming in this morning, I resovled the problem quickly by removing the shots in which it isn't needed. This has proved a really useful within CelAction as it allows me to remove objects for a period of time before I need them again in shot.

This is the current scene I am working on;

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Scenes 1 - 6 of The Secret Circus

First 6 Scenes of The Secret Circus completly animated! Wahoo! The project is making progress now, still a lot to do though!

Scenes 1 - 4

Eye for an Appetite - Marine & Natural History Photography project

Working with a BA (hons) Marine & Natural History Photography student on a project called 'Eye for an Appetite' This project revolves around the life cycle of animals, along with the chemistry and biology behind it all. I did two tests on the increase of prey leads to the increase in predators and the ways energy is transfered between food and predator, using a Beetle and grass to explain.

New Animatic

Current Animatic of 13th March 2013. New narration has been added. I animated the opening scene without narration, this proved to work and not work at the same time. I need to add in small bits of animation to bulk it out a bit, however it's coming together slowly.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Animatic - Feb 2013

Added small bits into the Animatic to make it flow better. This re-edited version now contains more Pre-vis and where Daniel explains to Tilly the Head-in-the-Lion's-Mouth performance the gang will do. However at the moment I haven't recorded the narration for this bit, this is something I will hopefully get done this week as I have the narrator booked for a visit.