Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Red or Dead

So some animated backgrounds for the Red or Dead project, using the Red or Dead prints.

The Prince Sequence too for the final animation done in silhouettes;

Friday, 11 May 2012

Suzie Pea final

I'm currently working on the Third year project, Suzie Pea.
I've just finished the sequence I was working on, after critique, I've changed and tweaked a few issues. The background has had to be removed under instruction. Here's the finished product:

Boat Scene YesYesNo

Boat Scene (half finished) for our YesYesNo project.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Muchos Animation!

A completly delayed animation blog, however I've been pottering on with animation work. A few of the Yes Yes No scenes are now completed, hurrah! They're posted below. I've also been working on the 3rd year project Suzie Pea In which I created puppets, backgrounds and props for the characters. I've just started animation in which I've finished the primary animation for that, I am just awaiting a few more components just to polish it.

Yes Yes No Bar Scene - Opening shot.(Pirate animated by Luke, then compiled together)
Yes Yes No - "Ooh Yes!" Betty Scene (Pirate by Luke again) Frightened Man Scene

I'm really enjoying using Flash, I'm currently working on one of the ending sequences which should be finished soon. The Suzie Pea scene I created is the Dolphin Scene. It's a bit laggy and needs tweaking. I also am awaiting eyes/mouths for the chracters however here's what I've completed so far;