Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Group Project - Yes Yes Yes Yes No

As part of our Second Year, we've also been asked to work in groups to produce a 90 second animation. However  the script for our project can only contain the words "Yes" "Yes" "Yes" "Yes" and "No". This can be narrated, spoken by a character or within the animation (On a sign, floor, etc) There cannot be any other dialouge, except for uninterpretable mumble and non-digetic sounds. I'm working with Luke and Lee, we wanted to base our idea around Cornwall after a brief lecture from Kathy. We decided it would be nice to use our local area, especially as I am not from Cornwall.

Our beginning idea began around seagulls and the nuisance they cause, primarily around St Ives where they are known to steal food from local trade and tourists. Luke has a good knowledge of the area as does Lee, we began formulating ideas and researching St Ives. We thought using the Sloop Inn (one of the oldest pubs in Cornwall) would also be a nice feature. So I began researching there too;

 From there we began a first priliminary story and storyboard. We decided on the idea of a pirate coming into St Ives' harbour after a long trip out to sea. He points and says "Yes" as he sees the harbour. He comes into land, and walks up into the town and to the Sloop Inn. There's quite a few tourists sat outside enjoying lunch and drinks, as the Pirate walks up, the mood turns awkward and silent as the tourists stare in disbelief at the Pirate. A large tourist's ice cream drips off to form a "Yes" on the floor. 
 The pirate walks into the Sloop Inn and orders chips and a drink at the Bar. (We decided on having Betty Stoggs from the Skinners Ales behind the bar, or a character with similar traits. As he turns around to leave Betty Stoggs checks him out and gives an "ooh Yes". From there a close up of him carrying out his food with really disgusting dirty nails. A seagull sat on the roof notices him. He calls in his seagulls friends, there they formulate a plan to steal the chips.

The seagulls swoop down and begin taking his food. At this point we finally see the pirates face as we decided to keep it hidden from the viewer. The pirate isn't happy about this, he looks up to see the seagulls circling him from above. He grabs his chips and drinks and runs to his boat whilst screaming "Noo!" The seagulls gather behind him. Once on his boat, he begins to slace at the seagulls with his cutlass. He notices his cannon and begins to fire cannon balls at the seagulls.

One of the seagulls is hit by the cannon ball. The pirate laughs as the seagulls get angrier. However he hears a noise behind him, only to realise the seagulls have eaten his chips which he left on the deck. He clears them away, only to see a plate rocking slowly from side to side. The pirate then looks to the side, only to see St Ives completly destroyed from his cannon balls. The camera then cuts to the seagulls flying away with chips in their mouths.

I also did a few quick sketches of the pirate, however we've decided on Luke designing the Pirate, Lee the Seagulls and I am doing the backgrounds.


  1. But St. Ives is really booooring! D': There are no cool shops there.

  2. WHAT?? St. Ives is amazing for cool moochy shops

  3. Not a single game or tech shop )''':