Monday, 5 March 2012

Red or Dead

A new project, designing a small advertisement for the Red or Dead fashion brand. The aspect of their brand we're looking at are the bikes. We've been given the task of promoting the bikes using a 30-60 second animated advert to the story of 'The Enchanted Horse' from the Arabian Nights tales. The brief entitles us to as much freedom as we like, so long as we stick to the Red or Dead brand, The Enchanted Horse story and to try and make it feel as punky and kitsch to promote the style of Red or Dead. Our group has begun discussing ideas, we've decided to work with the very kitsch-punky feel to Red or Dead and develop it. As Art Director of the project, I've begun looking into the style of Red or Dead via their website for preliminary research;

From there began looking through Vogue, and various other fashion/homeware catalouges for inspiration. I've also been looking at various advertisements and textures.

Some advertisements I found particulary inspiring were that of a Carolina Herrera advert, promoting children's wear.

(c) Copywrite Carolina Herrera - As seen in Vogue, Oct 2011.
I found the composition interesting, with an incredibly busy area surrounding the children, along with the books promoting a serious, intellectual atmosphere, yet this is pushed aside with the playful atmosphere of the hand-made tents and bunting surrounding the children. 

(c) Mulberry - As seen in Vogue Oct 2011
I was also inspired by the Mulberry advert, in which the model is within a world of giants. There's a strange eerie-ness to it which I hope I can achieve with our piece. 

I began working and using the research I had found, I decided to begin working on a small collage piece. I scanned in fabric samples, which primarily consisted of clothes and decorative pillowcases.

Here's what I created so far:

The grass is created using a green base with texture brushes on top. I lowered the opacity down and varied the shade. 
I'm currently tempted to keep the white within the bike spokes. I feel this enhances the bike, especially as the background is quite loud. 

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