Monday, 26 November 2012

Animatic Review and Edits

I've been working on the animatic ready for tomorrow's hand-in. I've continually worked on it and refined it making it smooth and easy to follow. I'm using the narration in the style of Thomas the Tank Engine, in that the narrator also does the character voices too. I've been working alongside Kylie Burrell, who has been working on various parts of the animatic with me.

First Review
 No narration/sound effects:

Second Review:
I narrated this myself, just get a feel of the pacing and timing. However I still felt the piece was too quick.

Third Review:
With narration from myself and Sound Effects.


 Fourth Review:
Now with the final Narrator (Thomas Coleman - and Sound Effects.

I'm going to add more bits of narration in, along with some fast-paced music during the  fight scene part. However I am currently pleased with the progress the animatic has made.

Sound Effects from

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