Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The Secret Circus - Final Scenes & WIP's

The Secret Circus is currently underway, a lot of shots have been finished by myself and Alice Holmes. The second years I have working on the project are also producing a lot of work too. Despite this there's still a lot of work to be done. I feel though my animation has improved and my knowledge of CelAction has vastly increased. Although there's still lots to do, I am feeling positive about this project.

This is the shot list at the moment;

These are some final scenes;


There's still a fair few scenes to do. Hopefully I can get most of the edited together to finally see how it will look together. The one major part I am concerned about is making the Circus spin. At the moment I am thinking of maybe changing this and instead using a variety of After Effects pre-made illusions to render or maybe making my own sparkles to mix with. I'm going to try a few different techniques and try and make the circus spin itself. However if I feel this isn't working, I will begin to work on something different.

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