Monday, 29 November 2010


I'm well overdue for a blog about my sketchbook projects. So here is a few bits and pieces so far:

The first image was a practice of Fashion Illustration. Our brief was to draw anything that came to mind. I was watching Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and Nowhere Man by The Beatles on YouTube when I drew this. I went for the whole Twiggy-esque look to the model then coloured her lips and eyes in various shades.
 Again this drawing was for my 'draw anything for a week' project. I was focusing here more on Children's illustration, looking at Lauren Child and Nick Sharratt for inspiration. I named him Valo (which is the Finnish for light and also the last name of Ville Valo from the band HIM)
 Here I spent the week drawing myself as an animal. I chose a wolf, however I tried drawing it in various different ways such as making the snout much more dominant making myself look much more fox/dog like instead. I then carried on with little scribbles around the page.
I decided that as awesome as being left handed is, that I needed a change. I spent two weeks drawing with my right hand. The first page was inspired by David Shrigley's drawings and animations. I took a very silly approach to life and drew things that came to mind when I daydreamed or sat thinking.
This project fitted well with my right handed week. I call it 'When I was five...' I drew things I did when I was around the age of 5. Little qwirky things I remember. I set this project myself.
I found I draw and concentrate much better when I listen to music I did when I was fifteen. I then looked at the music videos from them. I drew certain scenes from the videos into my sketchbook. This was mostly a challenge of anatomy and the use of shadow. I really wanted to experiment with shadow so here I stuck to using black ink pen and permanent marker. The black ink pen worked well as I could smudge it nicely to add shade.
The first image is that of Gerard Way from the My Chemical Romance video, 'Helena'.
This one here is of Brendon Urie from the Panic! At the Disco video 'I write Sins, not Tragedies'

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