Wednesday, 20 April 2011

It's been an exciting past few days :)

These past 2 days have been incredibly exciting and productive!

Tuesday, 19/4/2011 - Release of the long awaited sequal to Portal, Portal 2. I got up at 6.30 am to play it, and finished at 11.30 at night. This was by far one of the most exciting days ever. Playing Portal 2 was just phonomenal. Valve have really pushed the boundaries and created a magnificent game. The grahpics were stunning and once again Valve had me baffled on solving puzzles using science and Portals. Playing Portal 2 has also inspired me a lot. Having wanted to work at Valve for a few years now, and it still remains to be one of my aims in life, I'm definately going to put in a lot more hard work and effort into my projects at University (and if I don't my tutors can shout at me for being an idiot). I'm going to really push myself next term to create so hopefully incredible pieces. I'm going to practice modelling a lot more and ask Georg my tutor for more help with it. 

Wednesday 20/4/2011 
Today I went out drawing into Birmingham again with my best friend, Harley. I filled around 3 pages of people within my homemade sketchbook, and have a total of 176 drawings of people in there. I'm super pleased with this, really pleased, this small drawing project I set myself over Easter has worked really well and got my act into gear with work. I have 4 pages left in the sketchbook now, so hopefully these last few days at home will provide me with plenty of drawing oppertunites. When I get back I'll also be asking friends and my tutors (primarily Kathy, our life drawing tutor) for critique which I can use to improve my drawings.

I've begun modelling again, my gameboy project fell to ruin. This time, I'm modelling a lego man. I'm working on the legs at the moment, this is what I've created so far:

I'm currently extruding the faces on the back of the leg so the curve fits nicely and looks even :) (also yes, I was listening to the ending credits of Portal on YouTube)

I'm making a note here, huge success

Also, shameless of me, but I think you should all watch this, then go buy Portal 2 :)

Now I'm thinking with Portals.

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