Thursday, 2 June 2011

Modelling and aniamtion in Maya

This is a round up of what I've been doing. We've got officially 9 days left until our hand-in. So it's all hand on deck at the moment.
After a critique on Friday, I was assigned Creative Director of the project, which I'm really enjoying at the moment.
I finished the texturing, got that sorted. Phoebe added her creative magic and made some fantastic scenes. Maggie has completed the stop-motion intro and is now working more detail into it. Kylie's been working within Flash adding in all the characters now, so far I'm really pleased with what everyone has done.

I've also animated Brian flying, which I've exported as TIFF files for Phoebe to import into Flash to work with on the backgrounds.

These are all quick playblasts on Maya. These have changed a bit, only general messing about to make them look better. We'll also adjust them needs be in Flash too.

With the Copic Marker, I've added a green tip on the end of the pen to make it look like the cap. On the back I've added a quick little texture;

 I thought adding this to the end of the pen to make it look a bit more realistic to the style. I also added the copic logo to the pen too;

I made the pen longer as well for it to look much more realistic. So far things are working well.

Copic Markers are (c) of Copic, Japan.  No copywrite infringement intended.


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