Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Title sequence Texturing and Maya

I'm almost finished texturing the Marilyn Monroe scene for our project, I'm still working on the floor, but here is a run through of what I've done.

This was the reference I had to the scene from our animatic. The rectangle being the poster in which he flies out of and which Phoebe is currently painting. Once this is done I can then put this into the scene and render it out to a high standard.

 (listening to: Opeth - Still day beneath the Sun)

Texturing the wall was a bit of a pain. Trying to make it look seamless. However because I wanted the bricks to look small there would have to be a seam. Luckily I figured I could cover this with posters to hide it easily. I began texturing the wall with the posters (see below for pictures) These are all taken from previous Creative Review's I photographed. On the top image you can see that I took some pieces from Creative Review that were featured to turn into posters. However the 'Do this or Die' poster didn't turn out straight and has a slight curve to it. I tried to edit this in the UV texture editor however I couldn't make it look completly straight. To make the posters I created some polygon planes then textured those to create the posters.

 I had some problems whilst texturing this;

(Listening to: Placebo - Running Up That Hill)

 I'm still working on these, however I've managed to hide the posters that don't work that well.

I had a go at texturing the ground, however I wasn't happy with this. Instead I decided to use a plain grey lambert instead. I'm still unsure of this so I feel more experimentation will be needed.

So far I'm quite pleased with what I've created. I just need to work on the floor and when Phoebe has finished the poster painting, add this in.

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