Sunday, 1 May 2011

Title Sequence project

Our project for this term is a title sequence. Our group has chosen to animate a title sequence for the Creative Review magazine's new television show. Our idea so far is to create a silhouette of a man, walking through a busy urban street. The street turns into an arty/graphic design street. Within the street there's references to artists, products and companies associated with graphic design and of course the magazine itself.
I bought a copy of the most recent Creative Review for inspiration, had a look on YouTube for interesting introductions to films and television shows and began thinking of ideas.
I began looking at the children's art show Art Attack and SMart for inspiration. 

Unfortunately I couldn't find the SMart opening theme on YouTube.

I've also been looking at other opening to films for inspiration too. The idea for the street came from the Waltz with Bashir opening;

There was also inspiration taken from the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang opening, Casino Royale and Catch Me If You Can too;

This video as well also spoke out to me, I found it quite interesting how typography can be manipulated in such a way. A clever yet effective design;

The stylistic qualities are something as a group we're going to take into deep consideration. I feel from the research, that a simple yet bold design would work well. I think leaving the characters as silhouettes will be a good idea, as then we can bring more detail into the actual product to emphasise that.
I've been working on some sketchbook ideas which I will scan in hopefully tomorrow and put up on my blog soon.

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