Sunday, 8 May 2011

Title Sequence project.

This is a bit behind schedule! Nevertheless, here's some work we've been doing for our title sequence.

 First mindmap of ideas. Just generally thinking of what Creative Review is about and the ideas within it.

I began working on moodboards to do with Graphic Design.

From  there I began looking into personifing characters from programs.

I came up with the idea of the 'Adobe gang' In which every character was a different program. I made Photoshop a builder type, with paint over his clothes and carrying a large paintbrush. After Effects a sortof 'magician' who created various sparks and feathers from his hands. Flash, a bit of a gambler (you're always gambling using Flash, you never know when it'll crash on you) He has a lightning bolt over his chest on his hoody and keyframe cards. Dream Weaver, I made into a bearded nerd style fellow. I felt Dream Weaver being the web design part of Adobe should be that quiet computer nerd. Sound Booth was a young teenage style character with big beefy headphones on.

I began talking to Kylie who had also had the same idea, we began combining ideas, as she'd crated Flash as a naughty 10 year old boy. Here are some ideas I had:

We're still working on these. Hopefully they'll be sorted by Wednesday/Thursday.

I then designed a quick storyboard from our ideas:
We had a pitch and a critique with Richard Morrison, one of the leading title sequence directors out there. ( which I found really useful.We've decided to condense the idea a bit, and bring the magazine into the story more as he found there wasn't many references to the magazine itself.

We also had a quick mindmap on the 4/5/2011. Really just deciding different ideas.

I've also emailed one of the technitians in our University for tutorials on using the Green screen and rotoscoping quickly and effectivly using After Effects. Phoebe has also been working on a lot of concept work for this, designing backgrounds, and some of the characters within the scene.

Lots of work to do now! Yay!

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