Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Title Sequence Project - Textures.

We've decided to encoroporate not just digital textures but painted, hand crafted textures too for our city which will be made in Maya. As these textures will be UV unwrapped I've decided to make them as simple as possible so that I can join them together pretty much seamless.

I've begun one which revolves around paint. I let the paint dribble down the card, and added in more colours and white to mix it all up. So far I'm quite pleased with what's come out.
(excuse the horrible quality, I'm having to use my webcam as my camera whilst I don't have my Nikon available)

We completed our storyboard today so we're all happy with what's going on. We all shared ideas and decided something that we all feel represents Creative Review. We're going to begin animating on Saturday, after our Animatic hand in on Friday. We're discussing ideas, keeping in contact and sharing artwork via our facebook group, Team Batman. So far things are going well!

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