Sunday, 8 May 2011

Sketchbook binge.

I made a new one, this time with different types of paper (I used paper bags, and hand made paper as well as A4 cartridge paper)

I flipping love my sketchbook.

Peter Pan sketches. Coloured in using Pro Markers

 Back at Home; The Dead Bee and my Brother's Knee.

In the car back to Cornwall

 Skeletons in Daphne Du Maurier

Random Scribbles

Life Drawing 
(I will put the charcoal drawings up soon!)

The Royal Wedding/Day out with Phoebe to Bessie Beneath and Nare Head.

My Best Friend Monster
(I want a monster for a best friend)

Drunken drawings.
A night out with the animators, rather merry back on Campus, so I drew Princess Mononoke.
I also hate Shrek.

More skulls in Daphne Du Maurier.

More to come soon.

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