Friday, 10 May 2013

Good Knight Bears - The Bears Wake Up.

I animated a scene for Alice Holme's production, Good Knight Bears in CelAction. This scene is just after the girl has fallen asleep, and the bears come to life. I did several renders of this shot to show my development. I really enjoyed animating this scene, especially working on making the bears stand up which was really fun to experiment with. I feel animating this scene has helped me improve on my timing and weight in animation. As I animated the bears getting up, I had to remember and think about the weight of the characters and how the legs would move for each character. As well, each character had to be individual, it was nice being able to experiment with giving them a personality even though there was no dialouge.

The first take I did, I felt Oaf yawning was a nice touch, however he didn't convey any weight at all and practically slid back on the matress.

The second take I did, this time with both Oaf and Nerdy bear getting up, I feel I worked better on the weight and timing here. I took critique from Phoebe Herring who also noticed the weight and gave advice on making the bear seem much heavier and stop sliding.

Third take, this time I added in movement to Leader bear, in making his ear twitch a bit as well as twitching his muzzle further on. Nerdy also looks around a bit more at the start, before turning his head towards Oaf. I also added in Oaf falling asleep I felt to add a bit more character to the piece before Leader nudges him to wake him up. Adding in Leader who brushes his tunic down as he gets up.

Fourth take, same animation, a few tweaks; I removed a mouth which appears and falls off Oaf's muzzle, as well as adjusting a few paws etc. The bears now wake up and look towards the edge of the bed to initiate the next sequence in which they jump off the bed.

Final scene, another few adjustments. I moved Oafs leg as he stands so he seems much more stable, as well as making Nerdy face towards the edge of the bed.

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