Friday, 19 October 2012

Draft Storyboard Sequence and story.

I created a quick storyboard sequence for critique from Frankie. This was just to get an idea of the main storyline and for any changes to happen before I create a final storyboard. A few panels need to be added to it to make a much more smooth flow of the story and for more humour to be added.

Tilly is about to go to sleep. She is tucked up in bed, holding a small white tooth in her hand, rolling it between her index finger and thumb.
Say Tilly what's that you go there?
Tilly holds out the tooth to the camera
Ah a tooth huh? Put it under your pillow and maybe the tooth fairy will pay you a visit!
Tilly smiles. The finger puppet of Mark catches her eye. He looks pained with a small red bump on his cheek.
Uh oh, look at Mark, he looks in pain. Let's go visit him and see what the problem is.
Tilly puts on the finger puppet of herself, closes her eyes tightly and is whisked down into the circus through a cloud of blue and glitter. She re-opens her eyes to find the gang standing around, smiling, whilst Mark caresses a large bump on the side of his mouth.
Mark? What's wrong? Have you got toothache?
Mark nods. The gang look up to see a small thought bubble appear from Mark's head. Along with the time (like a digital alarm clock) saying 7.00 AM and next to it Mark eating a sugary cereal. Another image below appears with 12.00PM and Mark feasting on sweeties and jam sandwiches. Next at 18.00, Mark gorging a large ice cream. The thought bubble pops.
Y'know Mark, a lot of sugary foods can be bad for your teeth!
Mark sulkily nods. Tilly walks over and shows the gap in her teeth.
That's right Tilly, you need to keep your teeth healthy so your big teeth can grow! Let's go see Lionel, he'll know what to do!
The gang wander to Lionel's office. Mark perches on a chair and Lionel takes a look inside. He pulls out a nasty looking green tooth. Lionel disposes of the tooth, making Mark feel much better.
(A small speech bubble appears by Tilly’s mouth with an illustration of a toothbrush and toothpaste)
That’s right Tilly, brushing your teeth everyday can help make your teeth big and strong. Sweeties and sugar can hurt your teeth. I guess Mark's learnt his lesson! Anyway it's time for bed, Tilly! Goodnight and Good-bye Gang!
 The gang wave at Tilly as she closes her eyes and whisks off back to bed.
Closing shot of Tilly, fast asleep in bed, finger puppet still on her finger. A small fairy flies in from the corner, reaches under her pillow and takes her tooth away.
The End.

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