Monday, 8 October 2012

The Underground Circus Story.

I have finalised the story for the piece I intend to create. Rather than starting from the beginning, I am going to jump straight in with my story and characters.

Mark's Munching Molar

The gang are celebrating a recent success with a show. Enjoying cakes, sweeties and other sugary foods. Mark becomes rather greedy and eats most of the food. As the gang continue through the day, Mark is seen drinking fizzy pop, indulging in chocolates and permitting himself to a rather large ice cream after dinner. As the gang prepares for bed, Mark passes them by as they brush their teeth. Martina and Ramone express to him the importance of dental hygiene, however, Mark's ignorance becomes his downfall. Mark experiences a long night of painful toothache. In the morning, when he wakes, a large green molar resides in the back of his mouth. He visits Lionel (who I have created not only as a performer but now as a practicioner in Dentistry and Medicine, having a Ph.D in Dentistry and Medical Sciences - University currently unknown) Lionel takes a look, in a comedic Chuck Jones style in which Lionel finds a spanner, lego and various other items in Mark's mouth. A live-action shot of going into Mark's mouth to find a rather angry looking green tooth at the back of his mouth. Lionel gently pulls this out. Mark from then on is careful of the food he consumes and looks after his teeth. The End. There will be no dialouge, however I intend to narrate it using a male 1950's-esque voice. A concept sketch of my idea;

The current work in progress;

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